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The Laboratory COBRA will be present in the event ” Outsourcing in Drug Development ” on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 in the CCI of Evreux

The context of alteration of the pharmaceutical industry pushes aside the usual models of subcontracting. Read more

Researcher News

Press review of Team 5

An article in the September innovation CNRS magazine is devoted to collaboration between the team  Heterocycles and VFP Therapies.

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Scientific meeting: green chemistry and analysis for cosmetics

Labeled by Cosmetic Valley in May 2014, C2I Orga , innovation and engineering in organic synthesis and analysis center , is organizing a morning devoted to scientific exchange chemistry for cosmetics the 27th of november .

This is an opportunity … Read more

Researcher News

Sébastien Balieu published in Nature


Recently arrived in the unit, Sébastien Balieu is published in the journal Nature for his work in his previous home lab as a post doctoral student under the direction of Varinder K. Aggarwal: Bristol

« Assembly-line synthesis of organic molecules … Read more


Supercritical Chromatography : Innovative environmentally friendly technology


The supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) is a chromatographic separation technique in which CO2 present the advantage of three-dimensional operating conditions (pressure / temperature / composition of mobile phase), intermediate between the liquid phase chromatography and gas phase.

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The next conferences on the theme of the chemistry

On Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 – 09:30 – Room to be determined

Dr. Alain BERTHOD (Institute of the Analytical Sciences, Univ./ENS Lyon, CNRS)

« Survol rapide des mécanismes de séparations d’énantiomères »

Contact : P. Cardinael (


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Researcher News

Anne Harrison-Marchand and Hassan Oulyadi make the cover of Dalton Transactions of October

The  collaboration between two teams of COBRA allows them to publish in October in a journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry .

“Probing solvent effects on mixed aggregates associating a chiral lithium amide and n-BuLi by NMR: from structure … Read more

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Our recent important papers



Team Chimie bio-organique

“Design and synthesis of epicocconone analogues with improved fluorescence properties” A. Peixoto, A. Boulangé, M. Ball, B. Naudin, T. Alle, P. Cosette, P. Karuso, X. Franck, J. Am. Chem. Soc.2014136, 15248-15256

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Researcher News

PhD defense

Laëtitia MISTICO

le 28 novembre à 10h AMPHI Poirier

” Synthèse d’hétérocycles silylés par réarrangement intramoléculaire”

Financement:  Laboratoire Janssen



le 5 décembre à 10h AMPHI Poirier

“Etude de la relation structure/réactivité de phosphures borane alcalins”

Financement régional Réseau Crunch… Read more